Hey, I'm Christopher!


Stripe, UWaterloo Systems Design Engineering


Shopify, MasseyHacks




Production Engineering Intern @ Shopify

Traffic team—Ottawa, Jan-Apr 2017

As a developer intern at Shopify, I was thrown head first into production engineering, a field I knew nothing about. While I was there, I built, designed, and shipped an automated system that analyzed incoming requests in real-time, stopping attacks as they happen.

What I learned: Go, concurrency, DDoS mitigation, bot detection, Kafka, Splunk, NGINX, Lua, real-time stream processing.

Software Dev Intern @ Shopify

Inventory team—Ottawa, Sep-Dec 2017

Upon returning to Shopify, I was given the opportunity to work on a much larger team on a merchant-facing part of the product. As part of an overarching long-term project, I took on the responsibility of revamping the refunds and returns experience, which included writing and iterating on technical design proposals and working directly with stakeholders from multiple teams. In addition, I completed a much-needed refactor of the product creation system and worked on a Hack Days project to bring chaos engineering to Kubernetes.

What I learned: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, technical design and communication, refactoring a large codebase, data modelling and architecture, Kubernetes.

About Me 👋

Code, design, building things, breaking things.

I'm Christopher Gregorian, a Systems Design Engineering student at UWaterloo. I like building and breaking software, creating and ripping apart designs and products, and making and playing music. I get super curious and passionate about anything, so send me things you like to read/listen to/explore. I've made an image editor, audio visualizer, friendship analyzer, and more. Some of those have won prizes at hackathons and competitions.

I'm also one of the co-creators of MasseyHacks, Canada's first MLH-sponsored high school hackathon. You should check them out!